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Why I value family so much


At Halley Lutz photo editing, we value family so much that it’s one of our guiding principles.

Let’s be real; most photographers dread the editing process. You love to photograph all the pretty details of a wedding day but then what? You have to sit slumped over at your computer desk to cull the bajillion photos you took and color correct the final photos.

You squeeze in every free minute you can to edit but it’s so tedious and there are literally a million other things you could be doing with your time. Like sleeping instead of staying up until 3am. Or spending quality time with your family. 

I don’t know about you but I value family A LOT (and sleep. Sleep is good too). So any chance I can spend time with family, I’ll take it. Some of my best memories are from laughing so much my abs hurt from a joke my sister made and I forever have those memories to look back on. 

My story – why I value family

Why do I value family so much? I was separated from my birth parents when I was 9.  I was very fortunate enough to have my half siblings’s dad and his wife become my legal guardians. Without them, my life would look a lot different. 

I wouldn’t be Aunt Lalley Fart doing the robot with my niece and nephews to silly songs. Family vacations to Santa Cruz every summer would be non-existent. Celebrating my 21st birthday would look a lot different (who spends their 21st with their whole family in San Diego?!). My sister wouldn’t have been my maid of honor and one of my best friends. No monthly Zoom calls during the Covid quarantine. This is why I value family so much.

So my gift to my clients is quality family time. Something that I do not take for granted. 

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  • Halley poses with her niece and nephews at their annual beach vacation
  • Halley and her nephew
  • Halley laughing hysterically with her niece and nephew on a ride
  • Halley and her nephew dancing to silly music

Outsource your editing with us

I want you to be laughing so much your abs hurt. Or taking your kids on a vacation and not having to stress about editing. I want you to have a full night’s sleep and bring in more business. I want you to value family as much as I do. This is what we truly care about when you outsource your photo editing with us. 

My team and I prefer being behind a computer instead of a camera. It’s our sweet spot. We started as photographers, so we get it. We’ve been in your shoes, but the process that most people dread, we love

If you’re looking for a way to spend more of your time with your family and doing the work you actually love, book your free consultation to see if we’re a good fit. We can’t wait to hear all about the memories you’ll make while we’re editing your photos. Because everyone deserves to spend time with their family!

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