Let's have a cup of coffee in Los Angeles, California or discuss your photography business via Skype or Google Hangouts. My favorite thing about being your private photo editor is that I get to also be your personal cheerleader. Worried about your artistic style you've worked so hard to achieve? I would be worried if you didn't think twice about it! Having an in-depth conversation before we even work together helps me get a sense of what type of wedding photographer you are and how I can contribute to keep that style alive. We'll also discuss turnaround times and how we can create your very own editing schedule so that all you have to do is send over each catalog after a wedding is done being photographed!

Curious about prices? See below for culling and color correcting rates.

How it works


.10 cents per image


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Finely curated selection
of images

.40 Cents per image


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color correcting to
match artistic style

Image Straightening