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What to expect when you work with us – private photo editing for wedding photographers

Before you invest, I’m sure you want to know what to expect when you work with us to outsource your photo editing! The workflow of each private photo editor is pretty much the same but it’s the little details that matter. Like what editing style we work with or how long our turnaround time is. What are the guiding principles that motivate us to get up everyday?

woman editing photos on laptop with no text
Halley Lutz edits photos on a laptop as a private photo editor for wedding photographers

Editing Styles We Work With

Editing styles are important when you want to know what to expect when you work with us. The majority of my clients have a classic style. But we work with a few clients that have a film look and prefer light and airy. The only style we don’t work with is super moody. I think it’s so pretty but it’s something that I can’t wrap my head around. So I leave that style to the editing pros who master it!

Turnaround Time

Our turnaround time is pretty standard when you want to know what to expect when you work with us. Our turnaround time is 7-10 business days. I do advise my clients that during peak wedding season (summer months) that turnaround times can reach up to ten business days. But of course, we’ll always be transparent with you and how busy we are!

Complementary Test Catalog

From the moment you sign our contract, we hit the ground running. Halley Lutz photo editing offers a complementary test Lightroom catalog before diving into a wedding and that is important in what to expect when you work with us. This is a handful of images (10-20) ranging from different lighting scenarios and/or different wedding days. This allows our team to really master your editing style before we start working on a real wedding. 

I get asked often if potential clients can see examples of the work we’ve edited. Since every photographer is different and has their own style, I prefer to offer a complementary test catalog instead. The test catalog is designed to get as close as possible to your editing style before wedding season starts so that we won’t have to deal with that in the middle of the season. Our goal is to serve you and constantly work hard to master your editing style!

Occasionally there are tweaks that need to be made so we also offer feedback forms for every wedding (mandatory with your test catalog and the first real wedding we edit).

Feedback Forms

Our team knows that it can be hard to communicate your editing style. Sometimes it takes a few catalogs to get it right and that’s normal. Again, our goal is to get it right at the beginning of the season but sometimes there are tweaks to be made. So these feedback forms are available for every wedding that we edit. If something is off, then this gives you the chance to tell us that. 

Feedback or criticism can be off putting but at Halley Lutz photo editing, we fully welcome it! We do not run away from feedback and that’s why I’ve created these forms. It allows us to improve and be on the same page as our clients (that’s you!) to make sure you’re always happy. Communication is one of the most important aspects of private photo editing.

Email Outsource Dates

To make sure that we secure room in our calendar to edit your beautiful photos, you’ll email us the dates of the weddings you want us to edit. The goal is for us to give you time back so it’s helpful that you stick to these dates! We understand that something may have come up and you need to edit it yourself but we ask that you give us a heads up as soon as you know. 

We strategically book a certain number of clients per year so that we meet our financial goals and that we aren’t overwhelmed with work. It wouldn’t be fair if you decided to outsource with us and then ghosted us right after not sending us any weddings to edit. We do offer contracts to be voided if needed. Again, communication is key when working with a private photo editor!

Guiding Principles

When I started my editing business, I knew two things. I’m family oriented and I’m an introvert. Essentially, I wanted time to spend with my family and I’m most comfortable behind a computer, not a camera. I absolutely love weddings but editing them instead of photographing them is my jam! It still allows me to be part of a wedding day without being anxious. And let’s not forget the body hangover the next day! That ache is for real. 

So these three principles are what guide our team every day:

  • Family oriented
  • Friendly
  • Critical thinking

Not only do I want my team to feel like they’re part of a family, I want you to feel that way too! That’s why you decided to hire a private photo editor instead of a big box editing company right?! It’s different with us private photo editors. Although we’re in a different time zone, we want it to feel like we’re right there with you. 

I want you to be able to create core memories with your kids and not feel stressed to go on vacation. I want you to laugh so hard your stomach hurts and you’ll forever have that memory to lean back on. 

To better serve you, our team will always be friendly (even when we need to work something out). By now I’m sure you’re aware that running a business comes with challenges and we promise to use critical thinking to serve you best! Sometimes it takes a second to step back and find out what that situation needs, but we’re always striving to make your experience the best! 

So now you know what to expect when you work with us at Halley Lutz photo editing! If you’ve been ready at the beginning of this blog to outsource with us, follow this link to schedule your free consultation! We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have!


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