Custom Presets

Signature looks made to fit YOUR style.

Presets aren't only for photographers and influencers! A custom preset will leave you with...

quicker editing time


cohesive Instagram feed

confident editing skills

unique style  

lightroom desktop + mobile


Custom presets are perfect for small business owners.

You'll actually want to edit your photos instead of feeling intimidated and procrastinating!

As a private photo editor, I watched my clients buy preset after preset only to spend too much money and be disappointed.

A one-on-one consultation will give me a great sense of your style and I'll create a signature look that's made JUST for you.

the process

We'll have a skype or phone call to discuss what your goals are and what you struggle with the most. 


virtual coffee date


editing stage

After our consultation, I'll take my notes and start making your custom preset! This will be a hands-on process with some back and forth communicating to perfect your custom preset.


delivery day

Since I'm making a preset that is unique to you, turnaround times will vary per client. To estimate, you can expect your custom preset within 2-4 weeks!

"I seriously couldn't be happier and her turnaround time was incredibly fast! Hire her for your own custom presets and (finally) enjoy editing photos!"


"All Halley needed was a quick chat and some examples [...] because I needed my colors to look a certain way to showcase my artwork. She understood me immediately, and brought my photos to life, literally, the way it was intended to be seen. Now keeping my feed cohesive is so easy, it takes the guess work right out! I can’t thank Halley enough, she is truly magical!"


Halley is such an experienced editor. You can really tell she is skilled at matching any photographer’s editing style, and she is so patient to make sure each preset is perfect! Halley was always so quick to get back to me via email and sent multiple helpful videos describing specific tweaks she would recommend for the presets based on any lighting scenario. I highly recommend Halley!!!



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