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Woodward Park Family Holiday Photos | Family Photographer | Fresno | Los Angeles

Funny story behind this family – I photographed their wedding as a second shooter two and a half years ago up at Helwig Winery in Northern California! Although I was thrilled to see them again, I was even more excited to take their first professional family photos with their first family edition, their daughter Avery. It has been great to see this family grow but this was my first time meeting Avery in person. Instantly I could tell she was the perfect mixture of her parents – filled with giggles, curiosity and not a lick of fear!

Speaking of newest editions, baby number two is about to arrive any day now! They decided to keep this baby’s sex a surprise and all of us are just dying to find out if it is a boy or a girl. Avery didn’t know it but she even took some photos with Baby No. 2 and I just love her tiny hands on Mom’s belly!

I loved the decision for the parents to dress in black and for Avery to dress in a little red dress for their first outfit. It really brought the attention to Avery and let’s face it – once Baby No. 2 is here, there will be attention to two little munchkins! My favorite of their second outfit was Avery’s shirt saying “Sparkle, Shine, Repeat.” Around the Holidays, it’s great to be festive with a unique twist.

Besides trying to be friends with all the ducks and geese, Avery and I spent some time playing peek-a-boo with my camera (an awesome trick when photographing kids) around the redwood trees at Woodward Park. Working with kids a lot, I can usually tell who children look like most, but looking back at all of Avery’s photos, I just can’t tell! She really is the perfect mix of her parents.

Mark and Kristi: Thank you so much for letting me photograph another family milestone. I had such a blast and can’t wait to meet your newest edition!

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