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Why I Ran Straight Towards Private Photo Editing

I tried to block it out of my memory for as long as possible…

until it fit so perfectly to something I experienced in this so called life.

As we were nearing college graduation, one of my CSUN professors said something pretty heavy in the last Commercial Photography class that resonated with us all.

“I know all of you think you’ll be a photographer, but you won’t.”

I’m pretty sure he heard 20 jaws hit the floor at once.

At the time, I thought he was just screwing with us since he has to put up with us for a full semester. But now, I understand he was trying to be encouraging for a harsh and cruel world we were about to be rudely pushed into. I quickly learned that there are SO MANY photographers in Los Angeles and guess what? They’re ALL shooting weddings.

I’m not going to lie…

… I was stubborn and stuck on being a wedding photographer in the city of Los Angeles, where the population is 4 MILLION.

As I assessed the over-saturated market I was immersed in, the scary words of my professor suddenly flooded my memory once again. Why would I try so hard to compete with everyone else when I can help them? A tiny lightbulb went off in my head and those words from my professor were no longer scary as they seemed that day.

So, off I was at my first job out of college, editing photos for a portrait studio. I already felt comfortable in Adobe Lightroom and [photoshop since I used those programs in college (I think every fresh college graduate feels a little too confident in the beginning). But, I started perfecting a skill that many photographers need help with whether they know it or not: editing and culling photos.

It felt easy after that. It felt like I belonged.

I attended a photo conference in Las Vegas recently called WPPI (Wedding, Portrait and Photography Expo and Conference) and someone told me,

“Every photographer is running away from editing and you’re here running towards it.” 



Friends, THIS is what freshly-college-graduate-me was too afraid to see. Too afraid to acknowledge it successful even though this meant that I didn’t have the title ‘photographer‘ attached to my name. And THIS is why it’s okay to fall short….

…at least in my book.


Running away from editing and culling as fast as you can? I got your back (and your photos)! Say hi through my website contact form, email me at info@halleylutz.com or give me a jingle at (209)769-3281. I’d love to talk about saving you more time to focus on what’s needed most in your business – being a photographer.

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