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Wedding Season Is Around The Corner – Why You Should Outsource Photo Editing

For the past three years I’ve acted as a photo editor for the portrait studio, The Pod Photography. Ironically enough I’ve only recently discovered that I enjoy photo editing as much as photographing (thank you new year rejuvenation). Since high school I’ve had a camera by my side, focused on being a photographer. Every family birthday party, every holiday, every road trip, I had my camera. And you bet I will continue to have my camera.

However, there is something about 2018 that just feels so… refreshing. And January isn’t even over yet! For some time now I’ve been contemplating extending my editing services full-time to clients. Once I started to type it out, I knew it was the right decision because it just felt right. So starting this year, I’m re-directing my focus to offer private photo editing to busy wedding photographers. No corporate feel – just a friendly face giving beautiful photos my undivided attention while creative entrepreneurs get to be where they’re needed most – being a photographer.

Most people think that being a photographer means that you’re clicking the shutter at the perfect time. It’s SO much more than that. Photographer, accountant, social media manager, graphic designer – the hats keep stacking taller and taller. The thing that I’ve found with editing is that besides business tactics and full wedding days, photographers spend the majority of their time editing. Stressing to add their artistic style to each individual photo and stressing to deliver every gallery on time. Outsource may be known as an intimidating word but it surely doesn’t have to be that way.

With wedding season sneaking around the corner, permanently crossing photo editing off the list will lead to being more present with clients, building a kick-ass brand and pouring all the creative juice you have into being the best wedding photographer you can be. 

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