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Wedding Galleries Delivered Sooner

Break the molding of wedding galleries.

Photographers, let’s send wedding galleries back sooner! We are officially in the thick of wedding season which means that the editing process becomes easily overwhelming for wedding photographers.

I get it, especially being a former wedding photographer, but let’s break the molding.

Excel in your business.

Think of it this way: If you had a final coming up, would you procrastinate studying until the day before? No, you would start studying as soon as possible so that you won’t get overwhelmed and an A+. In order to excel in your business, you need an A, constantly.

Nail your post wedding day workflow.

I recently started following Jana Marie Photography and she has nailed her post-wedding day process. The week after a wedding, she hunkers down at her editing computer to cull her final selection of photos. Then, she sends those wedding photos off to a private photo editor to be color corrected. Not only does she have peace of mind, she is able to spend more time with family AND she gets to send wedding galleries back to her clients sooner!

Faster turnaround time = happier clients.

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Outsourcing your editing will make you more sane, I promise. How?

Take wedding photographer Dana Cubbage’s blog post about hiring a photo editor for her business. Her testimony about making the decision to outsource her editing from the start of her business is exactly what every busy wedding photographer needs to hear.

I needed time to network, blog, build vendor relationships, focus on social media, work on submitting my work for publication, and other tasks that were going to help me book more weddings – and these tasks demanded my time.

– Dana Cubbage

Hire a Private Photo Editor is an investment for your business!

As Dana’s business grew, editing was taking up the majority of her time. Hiring a private photo editor allowed her to not worry about editing large catalogs, focus on other important tasks and deliver her clients’ wedding galleries before the promised date.

If you’re ready to hire a photo editor for your photography business, please visit my website halleylutz.com to inquire about wisely investing for your business! You won’t regret it, I promise.

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