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Sell More With Less Photos

Sell more with less photos by shooting intentionally with a wide variety of photos.

Now I know the title of this post is “Sell More with Less Photos” but the point of me writing this post, is to show you that it’s easier to make bigger sales with the right amount of photos. I’m not saying to only shoot 400 photos at your next wedding. That would be mad (like Daenerys torching King’s Landing in the second-to-last-ever episode of Game of Thrones). Document every activity you can of a wedding day and make sure you have a variety of different perspectives. BUT just make sure you don’t shoot 20 of the exact same photo and deliver them all to your client.

I worked at a portrait studio for three years. When I first started, I was also photographing weddings so I was used to the “just give them everything” format. What I learned over the course of time is when people try to make a decision and there are a million options, they have a harder time making that decision because there are too many options.

Not very good for high sales, right?

There are photographers that shoot a crap ton of photos and don’t have decision fatigue (I envy you) and there are photographers that shoot intentionally so they cull much easier/faster. Whatever kind of photographer you are, you’re reading this because you either…

a) think I’m crazy

b) that you actually are interested in how you can sell more with less photos.

Sell More With Less Photos: Condense While Editing

If it’s part of your brand to include black and white photos, choose wisely. Choose the sweet, intimate moments that are timeless. Don’t make duplicates just to convert them into B&W. It will make your clients second guess themselves and this is coming from a HUGE fan of B&W photos!

Did you know there’s a compare feature in Lightroom? When you’re editing your next wedding, select two photos and press “Command” + “C.” This will allow two very similar photos to be displayed next to each other and you can see for yourself which one is better.

Say you capture two really sweet photos between a bride and her father. Only part is you can’t really can’t tell the difference. Use Lightroom’s compare feature to look at both of these photos on your screen and select the better moment. If you do this throughout a wedding, you’ll for sure sell more with less photos!

Sell More With Less Photos: Post Wedding Day Photo Sales

So let’s get to the good stuff. The wedding day is said and done and now your client wants an album. Hooray! There are a couple of ways to go about this based on how you run your business. You could either:

a) design the album yourself and select the photos because you’re the pro

b) outsource album designing because you ain’t got time ‘fo dat

c) have your clients select their favorite photos

In my opinion, option c typically turns out to be a disaster, unless it’s a mini session. At the end of the day, someone is staring at the computer screen trying to select the photos. If you have 5 of the exact same bridal portraits in the same pose (then all those duplicated in B&W), everyone is left wondering “which one should I choose?!” in fear of selecting the best photo. It’s going to be decision fatigue no matter who you are.

So, sell more with less photos.

Be strategic with what you deliver to clients so when it comes time to select photos to print or include in an album, they know right away what photos to choose.

Over the years I saw clients give up and before you know it, their album wasn’t made because they couldn’t choose from the sea of photos they had. In a digital age where creating photo albums is already rare, don’t add complications to it! Get that album sale and make it simple so that your clients are leaving happy enough to write a 5 star review and brag to all their friends about you.

Pricing Your Photo Products

Now if you’ve read this far and are exhausted by the idea of selling other products besides your packages, that’s okay! It takes time and confidence to make that step in your business. Two companies that offer quality photography products at a great cost are Millers and White House Custom Color. I’m sure there are a ton of other companies out there, but these are companies that I’ve had experience with.

When you are ready to sell products in your business, you should also read this article about how to wisely price your photo products. You’ll need to figure out a plan so that your pricing makes a profit. It may feel strange in the beginning but remember, it has to make sense for your photography business!

Sell More With Less Photos: In-Person Photo Sales

I know some photographers make it part of their process to hold an in-person sales appointment. Just because the appointment is mandatory, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Provide beverages and snacks while your clients relive their beautiful wedding day with a photo slideshow.

This appointment also provides a chance for you to showcase your professional expertise in case they have trouble making decisions (although it should be easy because you shot the right amount of photos). Walk them through the album process. Explain that there should be a story and help them select the best photos to reflect their happiest day. People these days want convenience but they also long for a really, really great experience.

Your client needs to see you as a person they not only can relate to, but that they can trust as their photographer.

If you suffer from decision fatigue and culling weddings stresses you out, I offer culling as one of my photo editing services! You can use the contact form on my website or reach out to me directly at info(at)halleylutz(dot)com.

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