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Presets Are What Exactly?

As a private photo editor, I use presets constantly for my clients. Recently I started providing a new service called Custom Presets so I’ve been talking about presets a lot. I haven’t exactly explained what presets are thoroughly so if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I’ve got some answers for you!

1. Preset definition…

fun informational graphic explaining preset definition

Presets are popular preprogrammed files with settings attached to it so when you apply them to your photos, it changes all the settings at once! Presets started in Adobe Lightroom (photo editing software) but have evolved to other photo editing apps.

Now that you know the definition of a preset, let’s understand HOW they will help you.

2. Presets will be your hero!

fun informational graphic explaining what presets are and how they can help

Presets cut down editing time drastically, especially if you have multiple photos to edit. Not everyone is a professional photographers so it really takes the guess work out of trying to act like one. Presets first became popular with photographers but are now used by bloggers, influencers and small business owners.

Imagine you have tons of photos to edit. Would you rather go through each photo individually and try to match them? Noooooo. Nobody has time for that! Once the preset is applied to one photo, you can sync it up with the rest of your photos. I’ve had clients go from hating their editing process to loving it! All thanks to a preset.

3. Presets elevate your brand

fun informational graphic for small business owners explaining how a preset can help

Do you ever look at someone else’s Instagram feed wondering how they got their photos to all somehow look the same? Or how it looks so professional?I’ll give you a hint – one of the ingredients is a preset! Presets will help create consistency throughout your social media feeds. Photographing at the same time with the same settings is also another ingredient but that’s another topic for another day.

By creating a custom look (even if it’s just brightening the exposure and making your photos look crisp), you’re giving your clients a sense of your style and brand. As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to be “on-brand.”

4. Free tip for you

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a popular and efficient editing software used by photographers, bloggers, influencers and small business owners. It’s the program I’ve grown to love and use every day as a private photo editor, photographer and preset creator.

Adobe charges for a subscription to use the desktop software but I have a tip for you! Lightroom mobile is free and available to purchase wherever you buy your phone apps. Yes it’s even available for Android phones! Now you really don’t have an excuse to start editing your photos with a preset.

If this is super helpful and you’re ready to start using a preset to edit your photos, fill out my contact form to grab a Custom Preset made by yours truly!

If you’re still lost on what a Custom Preset could possibly be, visit my website!

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