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Natural Emotion Portrait Sessions

Recently I decided to switch things up to focus on capturing natural emotion during portrait sessions. Poses typically lead the way through engagement photo sessions but as I looked through the photos, it felt as if something was missing.

Goals for Natural Emotion

I want my clients to be able to look through their photos and feel a few things:

  1. Love/Relationship
  2. Comfort
  3. Natural Emotion

Sure, engagement photos are for save the dates but they’re also for so much more. They’re to capture natural emotion in relationships before the “big adventure” is about to begin.

These photos should represent exactly who you are as a couple and it’s my job to capture that. Whatever natural emotion your relationship is based off of, I want it to be present during your engagement photo session.

Some relationships are based on humor. Then you bet I will have you telling each other jokes even if you heard them from your dad.

If your relationship is more reserved and quiet, I want to capture that. I always give my a clients a few minutes of space when I’m documenting them. I want them to forget I was even there and that my friends, is where the real magic happens.

It depends on you (no pressure). Which leads to my second goal, comfort. If you aren’t comfortable with what you’re wearing, you won’t look comfortable in your photos.

For example, if your wardrobe staples consist of jeans and t-shirts then wear exactly that! If you live in the city and represent that upscale life, then bring out your nicest outfits. If something doesn’t fit right, DON’T WEAR IT! You’ll be worried about it the entire time and your natural emotion won’t shine through.

My third goal is to capture every single natural emotion you felt.

When you hug each other, I want you to feel secure.

To feel passion when you kiss.

When you walk into the sunset, to feel hope.

Those genuine smiles to remind you of happiness and confirm that you chose the right partner.

Confession Time

My husband and I dressed up for our engagement photos and I kind of wish we didn’t. Although we looked great, it wasn’t us. We’re jeans and t-shirts kind of people. At the time I was also concerned with how pretty our photos looked. I hoped that they would be featured but I realize now we should have picked an activity that we both enjoy so we would be comfortable.

That was the first time in front of a camera and oh boy – I get it now! Your first instinct is to be stiff and worry about how you’re posing which is exactly why I want to move away from poses and focus more on natural emotion. As a portrait photographer, of course it’s my job to make you look your best but those emotions are my number one goal!

Paige and Kyle

Paige booked my wedding photography package last year that also includes an engagement session. I coached her on what to wear and also the vision she had for her photos. Since Paige and Kyle are outdoors a lot, greenery was a priority for their photos. They have known each other since they were 12 years old so picking something local was important too. Vasquez Rocks was the final destination which is a personal favorite! Check out the rest of Paige and Kyle’s photos below.

Newly engaged? Tell me your engagement story by visiting my contact page! You can also find out more information about my wedding photography package HERE. I look forward to hearing and documenting your story!

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