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Lightroom Shortcuts To Help You Edit Faster

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In the thick of wedding season, every photographer wants to shave off any second they can editing each wedding. That’s why I’ve created a list of Lightroom shortcuts to help you edit faster. As a private photo editor, I use these shortcuts daily and know they will help every photographer spend less time editing and more time doing what they love.

G | Grid View

Use this shortcut to see all the thumbnails at once in the Library module, like on a contact sheet. The Grid View can be customized under preferences.

E | Loupe View

Loupe View largely displays any image you have selected. You can customize your loupe view to fit your needs under preferences but the difference between grid view and loupe view is you can only view one image at a time.

L | Lights Out

All the panels will disappear and only black will surround your photo. You can also change the black to white, which is great to judge how an image will look on social media. To access the settings for lights out, go to the top menu, Lightroom > Preferences > Interface > Lights Out > Screen Color.

P | Flag

Different photographers use this shortcut in different ways but you can flag photos that need attention, group them together and see all of them at once.

X | Reject

By rejecting a photo, you’ll group it in a folder where you can delete all of the blurry photos at once.

CAPS | Auto Next

While in Library module, having caps lock on will automatically switch to the next photo if you give that photo a rating. This comes in handy when you’re culling your wedding or portrait session.

Command Delete | Delete Rejected

You can remove photos from your Lightroom catalog or you can delete them altogether from your computer.

D | Develop

The Develop mode is where you can alter your photos.

\ | Before + After

This is my favorite out of the Lightroom shortcuts. I use this tool a lot to easily see my progress or give my eyes a refresher to accurately judge the color.

V | Black + White

Selecting “V” will convert a photo into black and white. However, if you typically use a black and white preset, you’ll have to manually apply that onto the photo.

R | Resize/Rotate

Crop photos faster by just pressing R instead of moving your mouse to the crop overlay icon in the right hand panel.

Q | Spot Removal

If you have a lens smudge, spot removal will easily take it away by cloning the space around it. I only recommend spot removal if it’s something small you need to remove. All other retouching or background should be done in Photoshop!

H | Hide Adjustment Panels

This helps you to have a larger workspace in Develop or Library module.

Basic Lightroom Shortcuts

Command Z | Undo

Command C | Copy Settings

Command P | Paste

Lightroom is a beautiful and complex software. Sometimes I am in awe how far we can change photographs – in a good way! I love seeing the before and afters while I work on my client’s work.

Since there are literally so many Lightroom shortcuts to help you edit faster, this blog post could go on and on! For a more detailed list of ALL the shortcuts (if you’re just becoming familiar with Lightroom) check out this article from Adobe!

If you’ve completely given up on Lightroom and are looking for a private photo editor, please say hi via my contact page, say hi on Instagram or comment on this blog post. I’d love to chat about your work and help reclaim your time!

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