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Install Custom Presets in Lightroom Mobile

how to install custom presets in Lightroom mobile

This blog post is teaching how to install custom presets in Lightroom mobile.

Congrats, you invested in a custom preset for your business! By now you have received your Lightroom mobile preset. Before you start making all your photos consistent and prepped for social media, you first need to install custom presets in Lightroom mobile.

  1. Download the DNG files
  2. Import custom preset files into Lightroom mobile app
  3. Create and save custom presets
  4. Using Lightoom mobile app

Download the DNG files

From your email account or Dropbox, download the DNG files. I personally love Airdrop when transferring files from my iMac to my iPhone but if you have Android, you can download your custom presets from your email or Dropbox (based on what I used to deliver the DNG files).

Import custom preset files into Lightroom mobile app

The DNG files do not have a cover photo on them. When you look at your camera roll on your mobile phone, you will see a blank photo. Don’t panic – it’s supposed to look that way! These DNG files are where the preset lives but are in the form of a photo, if that makes sense.

  • Open Lightroom app and select “create new album”
  • Open new album, tap 3 dots in top right corner and tap “Add Photos”
  • Select “from camera roll”
  • Select DNG files from camera roll and into newly created Lightroom mobile album

Create + save custom presets

I wish there was a better way on how to install custom presets in Lightroom mobile but so far this is it! Now to officially save your custom presets on your mobile device.

  • Go into album containing newly imported DNG files
  • Open DNG file for each preset created (more info below)
  • Once DNG file is selected, now tap 3 dots at top right corner and select “create preset”

You’ll now be taken to the “new preset” screen. You are more than welcome to customize the settings you see listed but there’s no need to. You can just leave the auto settings as-is.

When you’re done, save your new custom preset by selecting the checkmark on the top right corner.

**Repeat this step for every preset that I’ve made for you. You’ll need to save each preset separately but you will not have to save it more than once.**

Using your custom preset in Lightroom mobile

To use your newly imported custom preset, go to your library and open any photo you’d like to edit.

  • Select presets function on bottom tool bar
  • Confirm with checkmark

Although this is your custom preset made for a certain lighting scenario, I always advise my clients that you might have to make 1-2 additional tweaks to your photo. If you take your photos at the same place and time then this preset will work as is! Now you know how to install custom presets in Lightroom mobile. If you have any questions please reach out! I’d be more than happy to help.

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