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How To Prepare for Engagement Photos | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Don’t worry… us photographers understand. Your engagement photo session is most likely the first professional photo shoot you’ve had since high school. A LOT has changed in that time! You’ve found your style, you’ve outgrown all that teenage acne (high-five if you didn’t have to deal with that) and you’re getting married to the love of your life!

There are a few factors that come into play when planning your engagement photo session, but luckily the list is short!

1. Outfits

The most important thing to remember about your outfits is COMFORT! We want to showcase your love naturally so it’s important to feel comfortable during a photo session. If that means wearing those favorite pair of jeans, then bust those out of the closet! If you’re wearing a pattern, make sure you’re including a solid color as well to balance it out. It’s nice to match, but not identically. 🙂

2. Make-up + Hair

Your engagement photo session is the perfect opportunity to do a makeup trial. I have to admit – I have been doing the same make-up routine since high school (ahhhh!) so if there is any event to have a professional do my make-up, I am all over it!

  • Glamsquad is just wonderful. They do both make-up and hair and you want to know the best part? They come to YOU! Perfect for those busy professionals that need to send out a few emails while getting all dolled-up.
  • Sephora Beauty Stores have tons of locations and they give complimentary makeovers once you purchase $50 of products. You can make an appointment online, HERE.
  • Ladies, for those of you that have the make-up department under control but need help with hair, I recommend Dry Bar (or your go-to hair salon) for a quick blow out. It gives your hair amazing body that will look great for your photos!

3. Location

Most photographers have their ideal list of locations that they love to shoot at but if you have ideas, don’t be afraid of suggesting – it makes it that more personal! Perhaps the location is that spot where you two met for the first time, your favorite coffee shop or your favorite beach.

See not so bad, right?  These photos will be the first badass thing you get to share with your wedding guests so make it yours!  Read more about me and book your engagement photo session at http://halleylutz.com/.  Feel like having an old school conversation? Call me at (209) 769-3281. I look forward to photographing you! 

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