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How To Hire A Photo Editor

So, you’ve come to the realization that you need to hire a photo editor for your wedding photography business. Well, take a breather because the hard part is over! Trust me, you’ve made the right decision – not only for you, but for your business. The first years of any business are hard work and you’ve made it to the point where you can let other pros handle the dirty work.

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What’s next to hire a photo editor?


Great question! I’ve listed five steps that will let you focus on where you are needed most in your business – being a photographer.

1. Choose The Right Photo Editor

Photo editors have different styles just like photographers. Although some editors can edit in whatever style (light vs moody), choose the style that’s closest to yours in order to fully be content.

2. Have a Conversation With Your Photo Editor

Whether it’s in person or over the phone, have a detailed conversation on what you’re looking for. Private photo editors are not big-box companies – we want to know exactly what you need to succeed (was that pun too much for you?)! Also share your protocols: turnaround times, editing presets that you use or built off or any techniques that you personally use.

3. Constructive Criticism is Appreciated!

You’ve worked hard to create your unique style and it’s our job to keep it that way! After all, you didn’t just hire a photo editor for fun. If photos aren’t looking like your work, it’s okay to ask for a revision. If a boutique photo editor just took you on as a new client, it may take some time for them to perfect your style that you have made so amazing.

4. Sign Up For Cloud System

Since all boutique photo editors work through Lightroom Catalogs, it’s important to sign-up for a cloud storage system like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. You can see a detailed article HERE that compares all the cloud storage system companies out there.

5. Have Fun!

There is a reason why we include ‘private’ or ’boutique’ in front of photo editor. We want to have a professional and fun relationship with our clients! In an over-saturated market, we’re here to contribute to this creative industry any way we can!


More questions? I’ve listed a short FAQ with more information HERE on my website!

Ready to hire me as your private photo editor? Call me at (209) 769-3281, email me at info@halleylutz.com or visit my website at halleylutz.com to reserve a spot in my editing calendar for 2018! Although I live in Los Angeles, California I offer my service to client all over the United States and worldwide!

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