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How Custom Presets Started

Today I want to share with you how custom presets started! Presets have been on my brain for a while. I thought it would be a good idea since people would probably trust a preset made by a private photo editor.

Since there is currently a lull in the wedding industry due to COVID-19, I’m not editing any weddings. With all this downtime in quarantine, I am dying to create! I definitely had some inspiration that sparked the creativity but I also have LOTS of time right now to create Custom Presets for my clients!

Custom Presets Started With A Webinar

It all started with a webinar! Vanessa Kynes was the guest speaker in a masterclass I was watching and she was teaching about Pinterest. She showed examples of her clients’ work and one of those examples was a video pin. This video pin included a before/after of a preset that one of her clients’ created.

My mind was blown! It was so cool and interactive that I knew I had to have it. The actual feature had an interactive slider that you could drag horizontally or vertically from side to side to showcase the photos before and after the preset was applied to it.

Crazy that a little thing like that can make a huge move! It took a couple months to convince myself that this was the next step in my business but I was SO ready! For the past six to eight months I’ve been brainstorming on the next step in my business and this was how custom presets started!

before custom preset applied to photo

Trial Period for Custom Presets

I first tested the water on Instagram to see if people were ready for a service like custom presets. I created a few polls and asked if my people would prefer a generic preset that I created or a preset that was made just for them. The response? A 1:1 service was what my people called for! After that I knew that I had to move forward with this new service and that’s how custom presets started!

Once I talked about it on Instagram, the responses came flooding in! Fellow business owners were sharing my new service without me even officially launching it yet. I soon learned that small business owners dread editing. They have so many photos that they take from their projects but they don’t know what to do with them.

I absolutely love that I’m helping small business owners establish a consistent editing look and that they enjoy editing now! I know not everyone likes editing but I’m happy to be spreading my joy.

Click the button below if you’re interested in custom presets!

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