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Gender Reveal Party | Los Angeles Event and Party Photographer

Gender reveal parties are the new baby shower! These parties are one of my favorite to photograph simply because there is so much action to document! Cute little decorations were hung up throughout the house hinting at boy and girl. Little Nutter Butters dipped in pink and blue were put out on platters and a yummy cake covered in blue and pink sprinkles helped support the hype of finding out the gender of the baby.


Leading up to the big reveal, everyone was in good spirits and eager to found out what the happy couple can expect – including me! Games were played with guests guessing the gender of the baby and surprisingly enough, the crowd was tied with choosing boy/girl as their answer. Plenty of laughs filled the room in response to jokes being told and this is personally my favorite time to capture those genuine smiles as family members catch up with one another. Nothing can beat a good laugh.


It came time to find out whether the happy couple would need to start buying girly accessories or rugged boy toys and everyone excitedly gathered outside. I picked the best spot to document all the good news on my camera and the countdown begun… “ 3, 2, 1…!”


Blue balloons and confetti blasted out of the box and the biggest smiles came across the faces of soon-to-be-parents. See this – this is exactly why I’m a photographer. I got to capture raw emotion that isn’t hidden or controlled. This family will be able to look back on the day that they found out their first born would be a boy and the feelings would come rushing back to them, as if it were that very exact day.

Have a party coming up soon that you need photographed? Visit my website to read more information about packages. Questions? Call me at (209) 769-3281 and email at info@halleylutz.com. 

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