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Edit Better Greens in Photos


Wanna know how to edit better greens? That’s the number one thing I hear from my clients when they explain what they want in their Custom Preset! Photographing any type of greenery (grass, trees, etc) is tough as it is, let alone editing it.

Often greenery SOOC (straight out of camera) appear very neon green and yellow since it’s exposed to light. In the photo industry we refer to this as “Mountain Dew green” and based on your preference, it’s not pretty! That’s why I want to walk you through how to edit better greens in your photos.


tutorial how to edit better greens

This panel is a total game changer in Lighroom! By moving the sliders left and right, you’re changing the appearance of colors in your photo. If you’re trying to avoid that “Mountain Dew green,” move the yellow and green slider to the right. When you’re editing, you’ll see that yellow has a HUGE part in determining the exact hue of greenery. By moving the slider to the right, you’re moving away from yellow and more towards a richer green.

Careful though! If these two sliders get moved too far to the right, you’ll see greens start to look very artificial. I find that changing the yellow and green hue to 15-30 is the sweet spot for editing better greens in your photos!


tutorial how to edit better greens

After you change the hue, it’s important to shift your focus down to saturation. Since we are altering the color, it helps to desaturate the yellow and green as well. Again, the key factor to remember when you’re editing greenery is:

everything in moderation!

I typically bring the green saturation slider down to -30 when I edit my personal photos. Since I’m a private photo editor, I cater towards my clients’ individual looks and their presets (whatever that may be). Every photographer has a preference so make sure you find what feels right to you!


tutorial how to edit better greens

Luminance is one of those panels I NEVER used to touch. I didn’t really understand what it did to my photos. Best way to get to know anything (especially Lightroom) is to play around with all the settings. You’ll become well aware with everything and there is always the reset button if you need it!

Just like the slider hints, moving slider to the left will darken greens and moving to the right will brighten greens. This is also part of the secret recipe to edit better greens!

White Balance

White balance in my opinion is the last secret ingredient to this recipe. If you shoot Kelvin then you will already have a predetermined white balance. But, if you use Auto WB then your camera will make the best judgement to what it thinks is true to life. Sometimes it won’t make the best call and you’ll need to adjust as necessary!

Hope this post was helpful!

Lightroom settings on tutorial on how to edit better greens

If you are interested in a Custom Preset to relieve the hassle of editing better greens, fill out the contact form on my website!

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