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Dubsado Helped My Business

I’ve been using Dubsado for a few months now and it has truly helped my private photo editing business! I did a lot of research before I made any commitment and Dubsado ended up being the best fit for me. If you’ve been thinking about a CRM, keep reading for reasons this company has helped me run a more organized small business.

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how Dubsado helped my private photo editing business

1. Dubsado Client Portal

The client portals make it easy for me to send documents to my clients, without sending them a million emails. I just upload my contract for them to sign and there’s no need for back and forth emails. This client portal also lists my client’s open and past invoices. I’m also in the process of creating questionnaires to upload to these portals – another cool feature for getting to know a new client!

2. Accessible Financial Reports

In the beginning I tried to save as much money as possible. My invoices were created in Numbers and I would track every transaction through Google Sheets (don’t laugh!).

This worked until it well… didn’t. I had more clients, which meant more transactions and it was getting harder to manually track everything and crunch numbers. When you log in to Dubsado, a brief financial report of the last month automatically pops up on your dashboard. How convenient is that?

Of course there is more detailed information under the ‘Reports’ and ‘Transactions’ tabs. These tabs will also come in handy for tax season.

My first tax season as a business owner was very stressful. I didn’t know what a “Profit/Loss Statement” was and there were a lot of other documents I had to familiarize myself with. I basically looked at my CPA and said “you need what?!?”

Come the second tax season I exported the transaction log as a CSV and gave it to my CPA. These reports were easily accessible and reliable come bookkeeping for my small business.

3. More Organized Creative

Lastly, Dubsado has allowed me to transform into a more organized creative. I know exactly where I can find everything and so can my clients. As an artist, creativity always takes the reigns but I’m so glad I found a software that makes me more organized.

If you are in need of a CRM software to help you run a smoother business, click HERE to sign up for Dubsado! They are hosting a sale until March 1st in honor of their third birthday!

Tired of wasting so much time editing? Get in touch to discuss how private photo editing can make you happier, save you time and let you focus on what matters most – being a photographer.

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