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Custom Presets

I’m so excited to announce custom presets as one of my services! As a private photo editor, I’ve watched my clients buy preset after preset to find their signature look. They end up with wasted money and no result. A one-on-one consultation with me will help establish your editing goals and you’ll get a preset that is made JUST for YOU. Custom presets are perfect for creative small business owners in the wedding industry.

Presets aren’t only for photographers and influencers! A custom preset will leave you with…

  • quicker editing time
  • consistency
  • cohesive Instagram feed
  • confident editing skills
  • unique style

Custom Preset Review

Take a look at a happy customer’s review! Jaynie is a florist located in Los Angeles, California. She was interested in a custom preset for her creative small business because she dreaded editing her own photos. Jaynie wanted to be able to create her content and still have a professional look!

I seriously couldn’t be happier and her turnaround time was incredibly fast! Hire her for your own custom presets and (finally) enjoy editing photos!

– Jaynie Sanchez, Nature Rules

Before and After

Custom Preset Process

  1. Virtual Coffee Date
  2. Editing Stage
  3. Delivery Day

The process to to work with me is pretty straight forward. Using the contact form on my website for custom presets, you’ll submit an inquiry. In return, you’ll receive a link to schedule a Zoom call with me. I call this a “virtual coffee date!” This allows me to learn about your goals, what editing styles you’re attracted to and why you struggled with editing in the past.

Next, I’ll take your goals and work on your custom preset! This second phase will be very hands-on. I’ll send you a draft for you to give feedback. During this process there is also the option to make multiple presets (color, black and white, indoor, outdoor, etc). This editing stage is very back and forth so you’ll need to keep an eye on your email while working with me.

The third stage is the best stage – delivery day!! I’ll deliver your presets and you’ll test them one last time in either Adobe Lightroom Classic or Lightroom Mobile. If everything looks good to go, you’ll be editing your own photos in no time with no hassle!

Custom Preset Email List

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If you’re ready to get down to business and start your custom preset right now, click the button below to send an inquiry.

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