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Clean and Bright Custom Preset

Stephanie is a proposal and wedding photographer with a natural, clean and bright editing style. She was pretty aware of her editing style when we first had our consultation, but she wanted to have a custom preset made so that she wouldn’t spend so much time manually creating that look in Lightroom.

Why Custom Presets?

Like many other custom preset clients, she mentioned that she had been through four other presets, only to find out that she didn’t like them. She was tired of “wondering” what they would look like on her photos.

This is why custom presets are fantastic! Through my process, I create a unique look for you on your photos in real time. There’s no guessing whether or not this preset will be a good fit since it’s made exactly for you!

Photo credit by Stephanie Hopkins

Clean and Bright Preset Creation

Stephanie sent me some RAW photos to work on plus some inspiration photos of her clean and bright editing style. It was easy for me to see what was important to her. She captures some pretty amazing life milestones so why not keep the bright and lively feel to her photos, ya know?

When working on her preset, I made sure to keep the colors true to life except altering greens a little since she photographs a lot in vineyards (hello California wine country). Another priority for her clean and bright preset were skin tones. Everyone needs nice skin tones in their professional photos!

Photo credit by Stephanie Hopkins


When I finalized Stephanie’s custom preset and sent it to her, she gave me the best feedback I could ever imagine! Read her amazing review below:

I’ll be honest, I think by the time I came across Halley, I had gone through 4 different preset packs. I kept getting closer, but still found myself needing to tweak my images quite a bit to get the look I wanted. Halley’s Custom Presets process was so easy! She got to know my look, sent me several options, and really listened to the small amount of changes I asked for. Her process of sending videos to walk me through was SO helpful and her turn around time was amazing.

I have been using my new presets (I have a color and a B&W) for about 3 weeks now, and I’m still in shock how most images are 1 click and DONE. I am editing so much quicker now! In fact, I had a session this week where the company specifically asked that all the images be delivered in B&W, and I did not have to change ANY settings after applying the preset she made me! Thank you for making the back end of my job so much more efficient, Halley!

– Stephanie Hopkins

This is exactly why I started offering custom presets. I noticed a pattern with photographers, both with my clients and friends. They would search and purchase presets hoping that maybe they would be the “one,” only to be disappointed.

Stephanie even sent her photos to be tested on a new preset. The photographer was someone she respected but when she got her photos back, she liked her clean and bright custom preset I created better. That should tell you right there (if you’re not sold yet) that your custom preset will win every time.

Tired of not liking the general presets you buy again and again? Contact me to inquire about a custom preset that you’ll love!

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