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3 Things You Need Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset Halley Lutz Photo Editing

3 Things You Need Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset

Okay so you want to buy a custom preset. Congratulations! You’ve made the easiest decision so far. A custom preset will improve your editing time and photography portfolio. But before you inquire about a custom preset on my contact page, there are three things you need to be prepared. 1. Describe Your Style In order […]


feature image of clean and bright custom preset blog post

Clean and Bright Custom Preset

Stephanie is a proposal and wedding photographer with a natural, clean and bright editing style. She was pretty aware of her editing style when we first had our consultation, but she wanted to have a custom preset made so that she wouldn’t spend so much time manually creating that look in Lightroom. Why Custom Presets? […]


difference between greens

Edit Better Greens in Photos

Wanna know how to edit better greens? That’s the number one thing I hear from my clients when they explain what they want in their Custom Preset! Photographing any type of greenery (grass, trees, etc) is tough as it is, let alone editing it. Often greenery SOOC (straight out of camera) appear very neon green […]


fun cover for graphic explaining what a preset is

Presets Are What Exactly?

As a private photo editor, I use presets constantly for my clients. Recently I started providing a new service called Custom Presets so I’ve been talking about presets a lot. I haven’t exactly explained what presets are thoroughly so if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I’ve got some answers for you! 1. […]


feature image for how custom presets started blog post

How Custom Presets Started

Today I want to share with you how custom presets started! Presets have been on my brain for a while. I thought it would be a good idea since people would probably trust a preset made by a private photo editor. Since there is currently a lull in the wedding industry due to COVID-19, I’m […]


before-after photo of custom preset created by halley lutz

Custom Presets

I’m so excited to announce custom presets as one of my services! As a private photo editor, I’ve watched my clients buy preset after preset to find their signature look. They end up with wasted money and no result. A one-on-one consultation with me will help establish your editing goals and you’ll get a preset […]


natural emotion shows to have amazing engagement photos

Natural Emotion Portrait Sessions

Recently I decided to switch things up to focus on capturing natural emotion during portrait sessions. Poses typically lead the way through engagement photo sessions but as I looked through the photos, it felt as if something was missing. Goals for Natural Emotion I want my clients to be able to look through their photos […]


Sell more with less photos by shooting intentionally with a wide variety of photos.

Sell More With Less Photos

Now I know the title of this post is “Sell More with Less Photos” but the point of me writing this post, is to show you that it’s easier to make bigger sales with the right amount of photos. I’m not saying to only shoot 400 photos at your next wedding. That would be mad […]


edit wedding easier with second shooter's photos

Edit Weddings Easier With Multiple Cameras

Were you frustrated last wedding season? Are you hoping there’s a way to edit weddings easier with multiple cameras? One of the reasons it may take you a long time to edit every wedding is because of your second shooter’s photos. No shame throwing here, but it’s true. If you and your second shooter have […]


how Dubsado helped my private photo editing business

Dubsado Helped My Business

I’ve been using Dubsado for a few months now and it has truly helped my private photo editing business! I did a lot of research before I made any commitment and Dubsado ended up being the best fit for me. If you’ve been thinking about a CRM, keep reading for reasons this company has helped […]