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Edit Better Greens in Photos

Wanna know how to edit better greens? That’s the number one thing I hear from my clients when they explain what they want in their Custom Preset! Photographing any type of greenery (grass, trees, etc) is tough as it is, let alone editing it. Often greenery SOOC (straight out of camera) appear very neon green […]


fun cover for graphic explaining what a preset is

Presets Are What Exactly?

As a private photo editor, I use presets constantly for my clients. Recently I started providing a new service called Custom Presets so I’ve been talking about presets a lot. I haven’t exactly explained what presets are thoroughly so if you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about, I’ve got some answers for you! 1. […]


Photo of desk with perfect recipe for productive editing day; healthy snack, lots of water and coffee.

Lightroom Shortcuts To Help You Edit Faster

In the thick of wedding season, every photographer wants to shave off any second they can editing each wedding. That’s why I’ve created a list of Lightroom shortcuts to help you edit faster. As a private photo editor, I use these shortcuts daily and know they will help every photographer spend less time editing and […]


edit wedding easier with second shooter's photos

Edit Weddings Easier With Multiple Cameras

Were you frustrated last wedding season? Are you hoping there’s a way to edit weddings easier with multiple cameras? One of the reasons it may take you a long time to edit every wedding is because of your second shooter’s photos. No shame throwing here, but it’s true. If you and your second shooter have […]


desk of halley lutz private photo editor

My Favorite Lightroom Tools

Listen, I know editing is not every photographer’s favorite thing to do. You’d rather be… well, photographing. As a private photo editor, I understand how much you’re editing. And that’s why I’m excited to share my favorite Lightroom tools with you. I use these every day as a private photo editor and know you’ll be […]


article explaining what a private photo editor is and how they can benefit your wedding photography editing workflow today.

Private Photo Editor Guide

Guide to a Private Photo Editor Whether you’re doing photo editing outsource research for your wedding photography business or how to become a private photo editor in 2018, you’ll probably start your search by asking what is a Private Photo Editor? A Private Photo Editor is hired to edit an entire wedding or session for a […]


Photographers export your images in a Lightroom Catalog to prepare your images for halley lutz private photo editing

Exporting Your Lightroom Catalog for Private Photo Editing

A Lightroom catalog is the key to outsourcing for private photo editing! The number one question I get asked most often is… “How will I get my images over to you?” Simply export your images that you are outsourcing as a catalog and drop it into a shared folder through Dropbox. Isn’t technology wonderful? If […]


Send Wedding Galleries Back Sooner by Hiring a Private Photo Editor

Wedding Galleries Delivered Sooner

Break the molding of wedding galleries. Photographers, let’s send wedding galleries back sooner! We are officially in the thick of wedding season which means that the editing process becomes easily overwhelming for wedding photographers. I get it, especially being a former wedding photographer, but let’s break the molding. Excel in your business. Think of it […]


Why I Ran Straight Towards Private Photo Editing

I tried to block it out of my memory for as long as possible… until it fit so perfectly to something I experienced in this so called life. As we were nearing college graduation, one of my CSUN professors said something pretty heavy in the last Commercial Photography class that resonated with us all. “I […]


5 reasons you should hire a boutique photo editor right now halley lutz private photo editing

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Private Photo Editor Right Now

I’m here to share five reasons why you should hire a private photo editor right now instead of a big box company. I’ve been there. You get your pictures back from a huge online “editing” company… … only to find out they made things worse. How is that possible? So now you’re left taking the […]