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edit wedding easier with second shooter's photos

Edit Weddings Easier With Multiple Cameras

Were you frustrated last wedding season? Are you hoping there’s a way to edit weddings easier with multiple cameras? One of the reasons it may take you a long time to edit every wedding is because of your second shooter’s photos. No shame throwing here, but it’s true. If you and your second shooter have […]


desk of halley lutz private photo editor

My Favorite Lightroom Tools

Listen, I know editing is not every photographer’s favorite thing to do. You’d rather be… well, photographing. As a private photo editor, I understand how much you’re editing. And that’s why I’m excited to share my favorite Lightroom tools with you. I use these every day as a private photo editor and know you’ll be […]


how Dubsado helped my private photo editing business

Dubsado Helped My Business

I’ve been using Dubsado for a few months now and it has truly helped my private photo editing business! I did a lot of research before I made any commitment and Dubsado ended up being the best fit for me. If you’ve been thinking about a CRM, keep reading for reasons this company has helped […]


hand-painted globe for adventure party theme

5 Necessities For Your Adventure Party Theme

I recently got to photograph a one year old’s birthday party and the theme was “adventure.” I personally think that adventure is the best boy first birthday theme! Since there are so many cute decorations you can incorporate, I wanted to list five necessities for your adventure party theme! 1. Hand-painted Globe Globes are pretty […]


how to make your photo consistent as a wedding photographer by shooting and editing in lightroom

Make Your Photos Consistent

Are you wondering how to make your photos consistent? Are you scrolling through Lightroom and noticing that to a total stranger, all these photos look like they’re shot from different weddings?! As a photographer it’s important to have a consistent look or brand for your business. Clients are hiring you for a particular reason and […]


bride and groom walk down beach after california coastal wedding at the redondo beach hotel

Redondo Beach Hotel Wedding | Heather and Jose

A Redondo Beach Hotel Wedding Heather and Jose’s Redondo Beach Hotel wedding was about as perfect as you could imagine. A Saturday in Southern California started like no other – sunny and warm. As the wedding ceremony approached, the marine layer slowly crept in, creating the perfect California Coastal vibe. There was no doubt that the […]


article explaining what a private photo editor is and how they can benefit your wedding photography editing workflow today.

Private Photo Editor Guide

Guide to a Private Photo Editor Whether you’re doing photo editing outsource research for your wedding photography business or how to become a private photo editor in 2018, you’ll probably start your search by asking what is a Private Photo Editor? A Private Photo Editor is hired to edit an entire wedding or session for a […]


Our Wedding in Yosemite, California

OUR WEDDING 5.12.18 We chose to have our wedding up in Yosemite, California¬†at Tenaya Lodge.¬†Both Matt and I share a love for the mountains (he proposed in Mammoth during the perfect snowfall) so we didn’t think twice about having our wedding up in Yosemite. This was one of the best decisions we made in our […]


Bride gets photo taken as she puts on her make-up for her wedding in Northern California Wine Country

Advice From A Real Bride

Advice from a real bride to those who are planning their weddings currently. It has now been over two months since our wedding and we are still reliving any moment possible! Our wedding was exactly what we wanted, but during the planning process I did SO much research to make sure that it seemed perfect. […]


Photographers export your images in a Lightroom Catalog to prepare your images for halley lutz private photo editing

Exporting Your Lightroom Catalog for Private Photo Editing

A Lightroom catalog is the key to outsourcing for private photo editing! The number one question I get asked most often is… “How will I get my images over to you?” Simply export your images that you are outsourcing as a catalog and drop it into a shared folder through Dropbox. Isn’t technology wonderful? If […]