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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Private Photo Editor Right Now

5 reasons you should hire a boutique photo editor right now halley lutz private photo editing

I’m here to share five reasons why you should hire a private photo editor right now instead of a big box company.

I’ve been there. You get your pictures back from a huge online “editing” company…

… only to find out they made things worse. How is that possible?

So now you’re left taking the time that you don’t have to go back to Adobe Lightroom,  [photoshop – whatever editing program you use and edit the photos yourself. AGAIN.

While you could be spending time and effort towards bringing in new clients or working on improving your wedding photography, you are left color correcting a large wedding catalog when the work was already done once. Go figure.

Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to worry about consistency anymore. You don’t have to worry about paying for lousy edits or spending time photo editing your weddings. Because I’m here to help. I created my small business to help full-time, busy wedding photographers as a Private Photo Editor. So today I am sharing with you…


(instead of a big box editing company)
  1. Freedom
  2. Grow business
  3. One on one relationship
  4. Consistency
  5. Quality memories with family

1. I created my small business so that I would have more freedom and that’s exactly what I want for my clients too. I want you to be able to choose what you want to do instead of doing it because you have to. Being a business owner means wearing all hats but that doesn’t mean you have to wear them all at once. It’s okay to ask for help so that your sanity is saved!

I also know that photo editing is not every photographer’s favorite thing to do. It’s a tedious process that is so important and luckily for you I love it! 

2. Remember that time you got a wedding catalog back and you were unhappy with the results? Yeah me too. Instead of moving forward, you’re in the exact same spot trying to correct the edits. Hiring a private photo editor will ensure that you have the necessary time to bring in new clients and grow your business instead of editing.

I am dedicated to not only being your boutique or private photo editor, but to also be your personal cheerleader! That’s the thing that I love about editing. I get to help you thrive instead of being your competition. I admire The Rising Tide and their philosophy of #communityovercompetition for that reason.

3. As mentioned in the beginning of the blog post, big box editing companies don’t give your work enough attention. Of course they have a solid turn around time that is hard to decline, but it’s not worth the headache when you get your wedding catalogs back. Every time you submit a catalog to be edited, a different person will work on them. They don’t pay attention to the notes you submitted in the beginning or the corrections you gave them last time.

Since I offer a complementary consultation when we first start to work together, I’m able to master your editing style from the get-go. Plus, every wedding catalog you send me, will be worked on only by me – Halley Lutz! 

4. You’ve worked your ass off to create your unique look that sets you apart from other photographers. Who am I to damper what you’ve worked so hard for? With every new client I take on, I make sure to offer a free catalog test so that you can see sample images and give constructive criticism when I edit your pictures. As previously mentioned, I am your personal cheerleader and that can’t happen without your photos screaming your brand! I’ve been asked before “Do you just batch edit or do you look at every single one of my photos?” You bet I look at every. Single. Picture. It is my duty to make sure that the entire gallery is consistent and up to par with your standards (hell, mine too!).

5. Wanna know my favorite part of being a private photo editor? Giving you more time to create quality memories with your family. Coming from someone who values family a whole lot, I love that I can contribute towards those precious moments. 

Most of my clients are moms who work late nights editing (like 3 am). Since they’ve hired me they not only get more sleep, they get to spend more time with their kids instead of editing. Outsourcing doesn’t have to be scary!

photo for opt-in of halley lutz's 5 favorite lightroom tools

Intrigued by the graphic above? Click HERE to get my essential guide!

Heard enough and ready to hire a private photo editor? Say hi on my contact page or start following me on Instagram @halleylutz!

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