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3 Things You Need Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset

3 Things You Need Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset Halley Lutz Photo Editing
3 Things You Need Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset

Okay so you want to buy a custom preset. Congratulations! You’ve made the easiest decision so far. A custom preset will improve your editing time and photography portfolio. But before you inquire about a custom preset on my contact page, there are three things you need to be prepared.

1. Describe Your Style

In order for me to successfully create a look for you, you need to know what you want before you inquire about a custom preset. Ask yourself to describe your editing style as if someone is standing in front of you. Is your style warm or cold; contrasty or airy; neutral or vibrant?

It’s like when you reach the coffee counter to order and you don’t know what you want. You end up spending minutes staring at the menu, trying to make a decision. Pressure builds because you know there are customers behind you so you make a rushed decision. When you finally taste your coffee, you’re disappointed because you didn’t order what you actually wanted.

Don’t worry – you won’t be ordering your custom preset in a cafe! Although I’ll be drinking lots of coffee while making your custom preset!

Okay back to being prepared…

If you’re a wedding photographer looking to switch things up and change your editing style, that’s great! Just make sure to pin point exactly what you want to change; from neutral to vibrant or contrasty to airy, etc.

2. Gather Inspiration Photos Before You Inquire About A Custom Preset

One of the best ways to know exactly what you want before you inquire about a custom preset is to have inspiration photos! If you’ve edited a certain way and absolutely love how that photo turned out, save it for me! If you have a photographer that you really look up to and would like their similar style, send their Instagram page to me! Sending me every example you have is the key to creating an amazing custom preset.

This process is kind of like a mood board! I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a visual person so seeing my goals help a lot.

A friendly reminder when you gather inspiration photos: make sure they all look alike OR make obvious notes about what you like in each photo.

For example: rich greens in this photo; creamy skin tones in this photo, etc.

3. Know What You Like and What You Don’t Like

Before you inquire about a custom preset, it’s also important to know what you like and don’t like when you edit your photos.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you like matte highlights?
  • Are your blacks very punchy or do you like to see detail?
  • Do you like your greens to be warmer and true-to-life or more altered like film?
  • Is your style bright + airy or moody?
  • Do your photos have a warm cast on them?
  • Would you rather have more green or magenta tint?

Asking yourself this series of questions will make sure you’re more than prepared when we first have our consultation. And if you have word vomit in the first few minutes of us talking that’s more than okay! The more you say, the more I know how to create your custom preset.

If you’re still struggling with how to describe your style, feel free to message me! You can say hi on Instagram or email me at info(at)halleylutz(dot)com.

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